Adventist Education
Online Store

Online resources for the NAD SDA schools at negotiated pricing.

How can schools purchase digital resources at negotiated pricing for NAD schools?

The Online Adventist Education Store opens for new orders June 1 with special education pricing for NAD affiliated Seventh-day Adventist schools. Orders for all resources must be placed and paid for in the online store and will not be taken after September 16. (NO EXCEPTIONS) Subscription periods run from October 1 (+/-) to September 30.

Helpful Tips

  • You will need your ORG ID number.  (Find this in the Dashboard. Please DO NOT make this up.)
  • Subscription period runs October 1 – September 30 (Even if you order and pay prior to October 1.)
  • Late orders will not be accepted or negotiated. We get our low prices by ordering once and paying once with the vendors. We can’t place multiple orders.
  • Consider “padding” your quantity. This is for the purpose of any students you may gain during the school year.
  • Please be sure to give ALL of the information asked for.
  • Missing information may cancel your order.
  • If you have questions about ordering, feel free to contact us at